Training Program for
Innovative Medical
Device Professionals
July 20th - 23rd

MediHeroes proudly announces that we have been appointed by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) to manage the Training Program. The program covers a wide range of topics such as market trends, regulatory, clinical trials, and commercialization. It is an innovative 4-day program designed for medical device professionals. The 1st training session commenced on July 20th.

For more details, please visit: https://www.nids.or.kr/ (Korea)

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Day 1 

20th July,2021

4 speakers and 102 attendees including medical device SMEs, start-ups, associations and public institutes joined Day 1 “Innovative Medical Device: Market, Technology & Guidelines” session, presented by Korean and International speakers.

Mr. Bong-guen Oh
CEO, Aurum Care Management, Inc.,
former Partner, Deloitte Consulting Korea & former Head of Life Science Industry, Deloitte Korea


Global Market Trend of Innovative Medical Device /Digital Health

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Ms. Soo-yeon Kim
Head researcher,
Medical Device Safety Bureau, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), Korea


Innovative Medical Device Designation & Innovative Medical Device Support Act in Korea

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Mr. Steven Ang
Senior VP, Business Development EyRIS Pte. Ltd., Singapore


Success Case Study: Innovative medical companies in domestic/overseas

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Mr. Soo-yeon Kim
Team leader, Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Korea


Introduction of innovative Medical Device Policies

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After Day 1 lectures, a networking session was held for attendees and panellists to exchange thoughts and ideas. The panellists were from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) included Steven Ang, Senior VP of EyRIS Pte. Ltd./Singapore, Bong-guen Oh, CEO of Aurum Care Management, Inc. and many others. A total of 88 medical device professionals participated in the networking and Q&A session.


Day 2

21st July,2021

5 speakers from Korea, China, Singapore and the USA shared their regulatory-related experiences in each market.

Ms. May Ng
CEO, ARQon, Singapore &
Co-chairperson of, ASEANMed(ASEAN Medical Device Industry Association) & Former Senior Regulatory Scientist, HSA (Health Science Authority), Singapore


ASEAN Medical Device Regulatory Requirements for Innovative Products

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Mr. Ren Dazhi
CEO, CEMT, China & Former Director, Beijing Institute of NMPA (National Medical Products Administration), China


China Regulation: Focuses and Changes of Medical Devices Regulation in China

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Mr. Jack Wong
Founder, ARPA (Asia Regulatory Professional Association) &
Professor, NTU
(Nanyang Technological University), Singapore


Global Regulatory System Overview & Global QMS

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Mr. Eamonn Hoxe

Director, E V Hoxey Ltd, UK &

former-president, Association for the

Advancement of Medical

Instrumentation®, USA


US FDA Regulatory Requirement

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Mr. Chan-yo Won
CEO MediGuide, Korea


Korea: Regulatory/Standards/Certification of Innovative Medical Device in Korea

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Day 2 Networking


Day 3 

22nd July,2021

Dr. Jing Lim
CTO, Osteopore International, Singapore


Case Study 3: Osteopore International The Role of Regulatory Affairs in Product Development

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MR. Sung-ji Kang
CEO WELT Corp., Korea


Case Study:1: WELT Corp.

Innovative Medical Device, Software evolving with Data

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Day 3 Networking


Day 4

23rd July,2021

Mr. Soo-yong Park
Sr. manager, Bluepoint partners, Korea


IR strategy for Innovative Medical Device Companies

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Mr. Kyung-man, Min
VP & Patent attorney ASIANA IP Law Office, Korea


Patent & IP(Intellectual Property) Strategy for Innovative Medical Device Companies

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Ms. Joanne Lee

CEO, MediHeroes B2B Medical Platform, Korea/Singapore

Former general manager, global sales & marketing, Boditech Med, Inc. Korea


Go to Market Routes for Innovative Medical Device Companies

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Mr. David Lee

Sales VP, MediHeroes, Singapore

Networking Session

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Day 4 Networking

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